The dictionary defines STERNPOST as the main upright post at the rear end of a water vessel, also referred to as the propeller post. From this, we can understand that the function of a STERNPOST has something to do with making sure the ship or boat is sailing as it should and on its desired direction. In fact, says Britannica Online, having a STERNPOST rudder enables ships to have “greatly increased maneuverability,” so much so that they are able “to take full advantage of their improved sail power in tacking into a contrary wind.”

The Sternpost is about

My name is Bern de Joya and this is my brainchild. I’m a single adoptive parent, blessed with an awesome daughter who’s soon stepping into the realm of teenagehood. I’m a writer and an HR practitioner. We just moved into a smaller home. We love pets. Most of all, I’m a renewed Christian, a Catholic charismatic, serving with the Media Ministry of my spiritual family, the Feast Alabang. There’s so much more I want to do and become. I’ll let you in as we go along.


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